Our team has a multi-year experience in International Wholesale and in IT Technology, a combination which is rare to find.
We bring the innovation in industrial operations using powerful solutions and simple UI. The wide end2end solution and open source first is our motivation to bring disruptive solutions to bring the benefits to SMEs.

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International Wholesale

Our experience in International Wholesale projects cover:

  • Food  (Fast moving consumer goods) / Non food (e.g. fashion)
  • Finance
  • Logistics 
  • Merchandising

IT Technology

We developed solutions to provide industrial, solid and innovative IT services to small and medium size customers. We take away your concerns and lower technical barriers enabling you using highest level technology. 

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Our management team

Ulrich Hans, MD

Founder and the managing director. Ulrich has a wide experience in consultancy, technology for wholesale and retail.  He believes in the simplicity  for the user, managing the complexity in solid and resilient processes for the advantage of the customer and user. Motivated and skilled customers and users manage improvements from end2end of the value chain. 

Abhinav Vaidya, MD

Abhinav loves taking on new challenges. With his multi-year experience in the Information Technology sector, Abhinav has helped customers to achieve challenging milestone under record time. He believes in achieving efficient & effective solution by leading the organization & contributing towards the growth and benefit in terms of overall development.